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Let’s face it: it’s not easy being green. Not a lot of us put a lot of thought into how we can save energy in the office, what with the pressure of beating deadlines and surviving another day in the rat race. We don’t blame you. According to a study, people have a harder time going green in the office than at home. Perhaps that’s because people tend to be more focused on their work tasks than worrying about how they can save energy when they’re in the office. thinks it’s only fitting to discuss this issue for you dear audience since most of you spend most of your day at the office, and considering the ongoing trends among local offices to go paperless. Read on to learn tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint and save money by being green.

1. Saving energy. Saving energy is perhaps the easiest thing to do with regards to reducing your office’s carbon footprint. It involves using appliances with an Energy Star certification, putting your computers on power management mode, using one extension block for a number of appliances in your office, using natural light (at daytime), and unplugging all office equipments at the end of the day. Evaluating how much energy/electricity your office (energy audit) consumes each day can also help you identify the areas where you can cut back on.

2. Plugging wall/window cracks. Inspecting your office for any holes where cold air or heat would escape and plugging them could save you energy. Also, another way of saving energy is by installing insulation on ceilings and floors. These ways could help your company reduce on CO2 emissions as well.

3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Do not discard paper and plastic waste materials immediately without finding a way of reusing them. Reuse paper through double-sided copying or printing on both sides of the paper. Also, practice local recycling. Segregate paper, plastic, and metal in labeled trash bins in the office.

4. Going paperless. Most BPO (Business Process Outsourcing companies) in the country and abroad have already incorporated a paperless office scheme. Instead of printing memos and other documents for office use, using a databases and digital documents (.pdf/.doc) or online document management systems like Google Docs or Dropbox for sharing files can help in saving your office paper, printer ink, and energy.

5. Recycling Incentives. If you think your office employees are lacking some motivation in going green, then propose an incentive program for them. Assign a green ambassador who’d start and monitor green initiatives every month or award free lunches or incentives to the department who have recycled or conserved energy the most in the office.

Going green isn’t as hard as it may seem. A little reminder here and there would inspire your employees to reduce their carbon footprint in the office without feeling corny or feeling the pressure that they have to picket about environmental issues just to say that they’ve gone green.

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