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The shelves of bookstores and stationery shops are often stacked with myriad types of papers. They come in different colors and GSM (grams per square meter), which essentially tells you the weight value of the paper. The heavier the paper translates to how strong and thick it is, and also makes a difference on the impression you’ll be leaving the person who’ll be receiving your letters or documents.

In case you find yourself wondering which paper to pull from the paper tray when your boss calls you out to print a business letter or a financial report, explores the types of paper to choose from.

1. Economy/Bond Paper

Bond paper is one of the most common types of paper used in business. It is a good choice for low-cost printing and is compatible with almost all printer and copier models. Bond paper can be an all-around paper for printing general office documents like reports, audits, and memos, and may not be suitable for printing images and graphics that demand faithfulness to details. It is cheaper than copy paper which makes it suitable for everyday use. Bond paper is available in 56 GSM (also known as Substance 16) and 70 GSM (also known as Substance 20). Its coloured variety comes in 56 GSM.


Bond Paper S16 (56 GSM), Short             Bond Paper S20 (70 GSM), Long                Colored Bond Paper S16 (56 GSM), A4

Take note: If the bond paper is thin or easily curls when subjected to heat, it can cause paper jam inside the machine.

2. Copy Paper

Copy paper costs more than bond paper, but you get what you pay for with better results. It is usually recommended for external communications or printing documents where print quality and image is important such as official documents, proposal, contracts, etc. Most copy paper now can be used on all machines such as copiers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and plain paper fax machines. Copy paper is available in 70 GSM (Substance 20) and 80 GSM (Substance 24) and could be bought in coloured varieties too.


       HP Everyday Copy Paper                                      Paper One Copy Paper                                        Colored Copy Paper

           S20 (70 GSM), Short                                               S24 (80 GSM), Long                                                S24 (80 GSM), A4 has various brands of imported copy paper such as HP Everyday, Paper One, Lazer IT, IK Plus, and others. These are produced by ISO certified manufacturers. Colored copy paper is available mostly in 80gsm and usually comes in pink, blue, green, and yellow.

3. Whitewove

Whitewove paper has a rougher surface than bond paper. It is mostly available in 63 GSM and is often used for mimeo.

Whitewove Paper S18 (63 GSM), Short

4. Newsprint

Newsprint paper is the cheapest alternative to photocopying and printing materials like newsletters and flyers. It comes in off-white, light gray, or light brown and similar to bond paper in terms of texture. It is mostly available in 56 GSM. Like bond paper, it can be used in general office printing.

Newsprint Paper S16 (56 GSM), A4

5. Groundwood

Groundwood paper comes in the same or darker color than newsprint paper. It also has a rougher surface than newsprint. It is mostly available in 63 GSM (Substance 18).

Groundwood Paper S168 (63 GSM), Long

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